As a key player in this sector you need to focus on maximising profit often across a wide and maybe complex range of product types sourced from multiple suppliers.  So in the OneFit design phase, we made multi-national order processing and contact communication as smooth as possible.  We also built in the flexibility to optimise order taking, whether your focus is e-commerce, telesales or trade counters.

It doesn’t matter whether your suppliers operate out of Bognor Regis or Bangladesh, OneFit Wholesaler can flex to fit your business configuration.  We take into account where your products are being delivered from, so that your stock management system can help you forward plan to avoid stock outages.  Our system deals with cost fluctuations automatically, so you are always looking at real time data when making price decisions.

When working with external distribution companies, our software has links with the industry partners to facilitate readily available tracking directly to your customer services team.  Routes and loading can be organised and managed and if you run your own delivery fleet our software can schedule runs to meet the needs of your customers whilst achieving efficiencies and reducing the instances of loss through better overall control of customer orders logged on the system for delivery.

Our logistics software tells you exactly what is going on at every step of the journey and OneFit POD can safeguard from disputes with pictures, signatures and delivery documents as an immediate follow up on delivery achievements or assisting to deal with delivery failures.

Which ever way your business operates, our software helps you optimise process efficiency and minimise manual error, from customer request right through to delivery.  And tracking every item in, through and out of your business means we can also provide traceability reports at the click of a button.

As your chosen service provider, we have a vested interest in helping your company reach its full potential.   We treat every new customer as the start of a long-term collaboration.   For us, that means being able to show you a tangible return on your investment as soon as we can.  So please let us have a bit more information, which of the following is nearest to your specific industry;

What type of wholesaler are you?

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