Fresh Produce Wholsale

The minute you receive a customer order, time is of the essence.  With perishable goods, sourcing and selling on quality produce in sufficient quantity has to be managed quickly.  OneFit does this as standard, no matter how many levels of complexity your supply chain has – be that multi-site warehousing, chilled distribution or international deliveries – we can track every last lettuce leaf.

Our system deals with cost fluctuations automatically, so you are always looking at real time data when making price decisions.  If you run your own delivery fleet our software can schedule the most fuel-efficient route for you, based on customer orders logged on the system.  Or if you work with external partners, our touchscreen logistics software tells you exactly what is going on at every step of the journey with pictures, signatures and delivery documents.

Which ever way your business operates, our software helps you minimise manual error in order processing, from customer request right through to delivery.  We can even flex the software to deal with split packs and catch weights – the kinds of nuances only people used to this industry would understand.

We think we’ve thought of most of the things you will need software to do.  But tell us a bit more about your business.  (hyperlink to diagnostic questions)