Fresh Produce

If your customers are the restaurants, cafes and delicatessens that populate UK high streets, then OneFit Caterer is the kind of software product that can make the day to day running of your business much easier.

The minute you receive an order, time is of the essence.  Catering customers expect suppliers to work as fast as they do so we understand that sourcing and selling quality produce has to be managed fast.  Except of course, you will be supplying a large number of customers in any given day.  Luckily for you, OneFit Caterer makes mincemeat of that kind of complexity.

So while you take orders, it will be busy working out the most fuel-efficient route for your delivery drivers and dealing with cost fluctuations automatically, so you are always looking at real time data when making price decisions.  While your fleet are on the road, our touchscreen logistics software lets your delivery team tell you exactly what is going on at every step of the journey with pictures, signatures and delivery documents.

In short, OneFit Caterer helps you minimise manual error in order processing and maximise cost efficiency, from customer request right through to delivery.  But it also helps you turn every member of staff into a superstar seller.   With full customer order history available at the touch of a button, all of your delivery teams can anticipate the little extras your customers need but have forgotten to ask for.  Like you, we know it is service like that which makes all the difference.

So how many customers do you supply to on a typical day? (hyperlink to diagnostic questions)