Plastic Polymers & Rubber

Tracking materials through your business is fundamental to keeping costs under control.  The bigger your company gets, the more automated these processes must become, or profits soon dwindle.

Our system is built on the premise that you only want to capture data once, so you only have to capture data once.   Sales orders automatically generate works orders.  In turn, these let you know raw material buying requirements.  All of the facts that are important to your business are available to view when you want them, and our dashboard facility highlights top-level information so you can keep an eye on potential problem areas before they hit.

With the fluctuating prices of Raw Materials such as Polymers OneFit Manufacturer.PPR has quick and powerful routines for recosts of BOMS and comparisaons against actual production costs of batches of production. This is supported by the traceability  of RM product batches through production to Finished product stock and sales.

OneFit Manufacturer helps you keep a tight grip on works orders, stock levels and raw materials. In doing so, it also gives you seamless traceability at the touch of a button.  Getting access to batch records or serial numbers for safety records takes no time at all, so quality audits become hassle free.

But our system doesn’t just manage data.  You can use it to quickly re-focus your production team as order priorities shift.  By clever manipulation of on-screen information, we can signal exactly what each person should be working on as priority needs change, based on stock records relative to order dispatch schedules.  No wasted time, no stock piled waiting for orders.

And no matter what size of business or sector you work in, our software can be flexed to fit.

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