Formulations & Recipes

If the efficacy of your products depends on absolute precision of ingredient formulation, you have to be sure that production processes are running as consistently as possible.  The bigger the enterprise, the more people that involves and the more difficult quality control becomes.

Logma created OneFit Manufacturer.FR as a software product that directly answers these concerns.  This package of purpose-built software deals expertly with the multiple, complex data flow requirements of Nutraceutical and Polychemical companies.

Not only does our software track every element of production and material handling, from JIT purchasing to works orders and stock control, it also provides all necessary quality assurances and traceability records as standard.  No matter what accreditation body you work with, our system provides fully auditable tracking.

OneFit Manufacturer.FR gives you safe, seamless and fully transparent data to match the exacting standards you place on product formulation.

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