Contact Relationship Management

To us, calling a piece of software CRM or ‘contact relationship management’ is to completely undersell its usefulness to the business.  Rather than buy a piece of software that one person will champion and everyone else will ignore, we put in place a system and make sure everyone knows exactly how it will help them in their specific role.

OneFit CRM also integrates with MS Office and manages e-shots.  It gives easy access to full customer records, so awkward or ill-informed sales conversations can be consigned to history.  And it doesn’t just help you track sales team calls and keep up to date detail about customer issues, it helps the whole team manage the relationships your company has with its entire supply chain.  The impact this has can be widespread.  Our system gives everyone a daily reminder of key business relationships and priority growth areas.

All of a sudden, your entire team are tuned in to your current sales focus.  Not just your sales team.  So what you get is more focussed full team working, more energy pushing forward in the right direction.
All from one piece of software.