As a high-street or sales rep driven business, one of the most frustrating elements of moving on line to increase sales must be the lack of joined up information.  Relying on busy people to communicate stock levels or manually update online records is tedious and leaves companies wide open to costly mistakes.

OneFit E-Commerce makes that kind of pain disappear, overnight.  However we can provide a choice to companies who either already have an E-Commerce Solution in place or wish to have their own choice, as when this is a market leader we can provide our powerful OneFit Web Services tool.

OneFit Web Services tool sits between front office and order processing systems. It speaks to the two, sharing information between internal stock records and web shop platforms like Magento, so you can publish live stock availability and pricing levels at the touch of a button. Whether you handle a mass of orders within a short time frame with multiple users, or you have one web manager who handles all of your e-commerce activity, our E-Trader software gives you fluid connection between front line and back office systems.

The minute you make a new item available for sale, the information is available online and offline in real time. One time data entry for seamless information sharing. No awkward backpedalling with customers, just full knowledge of available stock. You should see how easy our dashboard system makes it – almost ready for running your global business with a laptop on one side and a Caribbean cocktail on the other.

Options for fully integrated E-Commerce


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