At Logma Systems Design we are proud of our track record for improving business process efficiency. Our team of consultants and software designers bring about transformative results for companies across wholesaling and manufacturing across a wide range of sectors and industries.

Our clients supply high-street names and our software solutions keep the wheels of British industry running smoothly. In 2010 we poured all of our cross-sector knowledge into OneFit with continuous and innovative developments throughout and beyond the current day.  This is our modular software system for growing companies with big plans.


Made up of individual units focused on key business tasks, OneFit is a base package that we configure to fit.   The OneFit software product range sits alongside bespoke software development and consultancy services, so no matter what size or nature of process issue you face, Logma can help.

You know your business inside and out.  Our job is to take what we know about business processes and make sure they deliver what you need to grow your business.  We’re not interested in leaving you with the equivalent of a jet-powered Lamborghini if the only thing your team will use is the CD player.   That’s why the same people who design our solutions come and work with your team, so they start firing on all cylinders in no time.

Business systems are the rails on which your company runs for optimum performance.  Our goal is to make the solutions we offer, as integral to your company as the plumbing.  To hit our standards, our products and services must perform consistently and reliably for everyone in your team.

By designing software and systems to fit the needs of SME clients, we empower businesses that were being underserved by big companies charging huge prices.  Our customers pay for things that bring them value. No more, no less.

In the past 40 years we have seen many a business trend come and go.  So we know which ones to pay heed to, and which ones to ignore.  We also know that step-change growth can be as daunting for our clients as the decision to go into business in the first place.   That’s why we made scaling up for the future something firms can tackle fast, or stage by stage. Logma Systems Design. Logical, intuitive, forward looking.